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Curriculum for the Future

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What is Curriculum for the Future?

Curriculum for the Future is a set of three resources designed to stimulate open-ended conversations about learning and curriculum today and into the future. The resources can be used separately or together, and in any order.

Who are these resources for?

The Curriculum for the Future resources are for anyone who wants to think about the purposes of schooling, and what young people should learn now and in the future. This includes:

  • Teachers and school leaders
  • Professional learning facilitators
  • Pre-service student teachers
  • Boards of Trustees
  • Parents
  • Educational policymakers
  • Students (recommended for students 12+)

All of the Curriculum for the Future resources are intended to open up thinking and conversation around some of the deeper ideas that dwell beneath the surface of our everyday thinking about curriculum, learning, and teaching. They are best used in contexts where people have time and space to talk about the ideas, thoughts, and feelings that come up while they are playing the games or doing the thinking exercises.

The resources are designed with a lighthearted touch. Stepping away from the business of today and trying to imagine the future can feel a bit like being asked to stare at a blank canvas and talk about what you can see. The blank canvas of the future can be a little unnerving, but it also gives us a surface on which to project our current assumptions, beliefs, implicit and tacit knowledge, values, hopes and fears. As you work through the Curriculum for the Future resources you'll see that thinking about a curriculum for the future is virtually impossible without thinking about the curriculum - and school - as we already know it. This helps us to open up many important questions about schooling, teaching, and curriculum that we don't always have time or space think about in our day-to-day lives. Where you take those conversations next is up to you!

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