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Established in 1934, NZCER is Aotearoa New Zealand’s independent research and development organisation, operating under its own legislation since 1945. The NZCER Act 1972 provides us with a mandate to carry out and disseminate education research, and provide independent information, advice, and assistance. The Council (Board) provides governance as we work to fulfil our purpose. 

We draw on a rich heritage of, and play an active part in, shaping the future of education.  We use the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi as the founding document of Aotearoa to help us uphold mana Māori in our work, relationships, and ways of working.

Our revenue comes from a  government grant, from contestable research contracts and from sales of our products and services. The government grant, which amounts to about 15 percent of our total income, enables us to build a coherent, future-focused research programme that complements and enhances our contract work. We bid for work that aligns with our areas of expertise and that we believe will inform and support learning and the work of teachers.

NZCER has:

NZCER is led by Graeme Cosslett

NZCER's Tumuaki | Director/Chief Executive is Graeme Cosslett. 

Under his leadership, NZCER is working to achieve its purpose by focusing on four strategic priorities that underpin our 5-year plan to 2025:  

  1. Decolonising education 
  2. Upholding mana Māori, whakamana Māori
  3. Improving equity for ākonga and equity in education
  4. Influencing the future of education