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The New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) is Aotearoa New Zealand’s independent, statutory not-for-profit education research and development organisation, established in 1934. The NZCER Act 1972 requires the organisation to carry out and disseminate education research and provide information and advice.  The Council (Board) provides governance as we work to fulfil our purpose. 

Our purpose is to inspire education

We inspire education by taking a leading role in the sector. Our research, analysis, tools, publications, and services drive effective learning and positive change in policy and practice.

We take a teams-based approach to our work and we welcome collaborations. Our commitment to a partnership with Māori is demonstrated throughout our work programme.

NZCER has:

NZCER is led by Graeme Cosslett

NZCER's director is Graeme Cosslett. 

Under his leadership, NZCER is working to achieve its purpose by focusing on three strategic priorities that underpin our 5-year plan to 2021:  

  • contributing to a socially just and equitable education system

  • improving education outcomes for every Māori learner

  • leading thinking and shaping the future of education (read more).

NZCER is a not-for-profit organisation

Our revenue comes from a  government grant, from contestable research contracts and from sales of our products and services. The government grant, which amounts to about 15 percent of our total income, enables us to build a coherent, future-focused research programme that complements and enhances our contract work. We bid for work that aligns with our areas of expertise and that we believe will inform and support learning and the work of teachers.