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Games for Learning

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This project, now completed, investigated the actual and potential role of games (including digital and non-digital, gameplay, game design, and gamification) to support ‘transformative learning opportunities’ for diverse learners in New Zealand schools.

The project foregrounded the experiences of New Zealand teachers and learners as game players, game selectors, or game makers. It aimed to understand:

  • how users and players think about games in relation to learning
  • what personal and pedagogical choices they make when games are used in learning environments
  • what happens in the learning environment when games are part of the picture.

This data was woven together with theory from the growing international literature on games for learning to provide a critical perspective on possible directions for games to support New Zealand learners to develop their potential.

Project team

Rachel Bolstad, Sue McDowall, Elliot Lawes

Games for Learning project publications:

Year published Title Publication type
2019 Games, gamification, and game design for learning: Innovative practice and possibilities in New Zealand schools Research report
2018 Opening the door to games at Hutt Central School: The benefits of a syndicate-wide approach Research report
2018 Editorial Journal article
2018 Researching game-based learning practices in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article
2017 Critical literacy and games in New Zealand classrooms Working paper
2017 Playing for Peace: Complex role-play gaming in high school history Research report
Opening the door to games at Hutt Central School
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