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A Taste of Possible Futures: making the most of STAR short introductory courses

Karen Vaughan

Secondary school students in New Zealand are offered an extensive smorgasbord of “taster” courses through a resource called STAR - the Secondary-Tertiary Alignment Resource.

Set up in 1996, STAR funding is available to all secondary schools and there is high degree of flexibility in the way they can use it. In broad terms, activities under STAR are aimed at smoothing the transition for students from school to further education or work. Through the additional funding, schools can provide, or purchase from external providers, a very wide variety courses to better meet their students’ needs, increase their motivation and engagement at school, and help them explore career pathways.

Full paper: A taste of possible futures: making the most of STAR short introductory courses

Via Vejledning, 20 (Brobygning og vejledning), online.

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Via Vejledning
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Karen Vaughan