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Teaching, School, and Principal Leadership Practices Survey 2018: Summary report

Cathy Wylie, Sue McDowall, and Hilary Ferral
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The Teaching, School, and Principal Leadership Practices Survey tool (TSP) was available for free school use for the second consecutive year in 2018. It was used by 265 schools that wanted an evidence base for understanding and developing their practices for the benefit of students. 

This report gives the aggregate picture for those schools. Compared with the national school picture, schools using the TSP included fewer small, rural, decile 1–2 schools, and schools with high Māori enrolment.

In 2018, many teachers whose schools used the TSP report that the teaching practices included in the TSP occur well or very well. Many of these teachers and principals also report that school practices that are known to be positively linked with student outcomes are happening in their schools. Principal leadership is generally well regarded. The aggregated data also show the aspects that are challenging for teachers, schools, and principals, and the need to allocate sufficient time to work together, reflect, and inquire to keep improving student learning.

There is considerable variability between schools. We found some relationship between practices and school type and school decile. But, overall, school characteristics did not seem to be playing a strong role. This suggests that aspects that are challenging require system-wide support.

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