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Te Urungi

He aromatawai mō te reo Māori mā ngā ākonga kua tīmata ki te ako 

A beginner's assessment for te reo Māori

Te Urungi is an online assessment for beginner to intermediate ākonga from Year 4 onwards to demonstrate their knowledge of te reo Māori. Featuring over 270 pātai, audio support and full digital reporting, it is a vital resource for ākonga and non-students alike.  

NZCER has recently refreshed this assessment, with updated design and content, more than 50 new pātai, and audio support that enables all pātai to be read aloud.  

Te Urungi is suitable for kura and schools, tertiary institutions and workplaces. Those with an existing NZCER Assist account can purchase the assessment as they would any other - if you do not have an NZCER Assist account, please contact our Assessment Services team

Ngā āhuahira o Te Urungi (Features of Te Urungi)

Curriculum alignment and level  

Te Urungi contains more than 270 pātai, aligned to Levels 1–3 of The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) and the te reo Māori curriculum guidelines—Te Aho Arataki Marau mō Te Ako i Te Reo Māori.  

Pātai are aligned to the Learning Languages area of the curriculum, and engage with a wide array of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures.  

Te Urungi also complements the Taku Reo student perception survey, both available on NZCER Assist

Technology and accessibility  

Te Urungi is a computer adaptive test, meaning the level of pātai changes as you take the test, adapting to the taker’s ability.  

Refreshed audio support provides a new layer of accessibility, while also modelling good te reo Māori pronunciation. Participants can both read and listen to a pātai before selecting a response.  

As a test accessible through our NZCER Assist platform, users also have access to comprehensive digital reporting to get both a student-by-student and a big picture view of learning progress.  

Who can use Te Urungi?  

This assessment is designed for use by ākonga at Year 4 and above. Ākonga at any year level or reo Māori proficiency are encouraged to use the assessment, although it is intended for those with a beginner to intermediate reo Māori capability.  

Additionally, Te Urungi can be used by non-schools – workplaces, tertiary institutions and other organisations. The adaptive nature of the test, as well as the detailed reporting, make it an excellent tool for organisations who wish to increase the reo Māori skills of their kaimahi.  

How to access Te Urungi 

To use Te Urungi, you need to have an account on our NZCER Assist platform. Schools can log in to their existing account here, or contact our Assessment Services team to set one up.  

For other organisations, please contact Assessment Services to get set up.  

The aratohu kaiako (teacher manual) is now available 

The teacher manual can found here. The manual describes how the tool and the assessment scale were developed, and includes practical information about how to administer the assessment and use the reports. The reports are designed to help teachers plan learning that will help students make progress in the curriculum.