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Junior Science: Thinking with Evidence

About Junior Science: Thinking with Evidence

This is a standardised science assessment designed for use in New Zealand schools available for students to sit through a subscription with NZCER Assist. Junior Science: Thinking with Evidence is explicitly linked to two aspects of The New Zealand Curriculum: the Nature of Science strand of the science learning area (which embeds the science capabilities), and one of the key competencies–thinking.  

Students are asked to think critically about and use evidence from a range of interesting contexts of relevance to New Zealand students. Read the online manual to get started.

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  • three tests designed for students in years  4, 5, and 6
  • complements the existing Science: Thinking with Evidence tests for Years 7-10
  • completed online
  • marked automatically
  • reports generated automatically
  • reports designed to be used formatively
  • supported with next steps

Example question from the first test in the series:











NOS: Communicating in science

Science capability: Interpret representations

Students need to be able to: Read and interpret a simple form of a graph.

Why is Junior Science: Thinking with Evidence online only?

Students can only sit this assessment online. Some of the advantages of online testing are:

  • Immediate access to NZCER Assist's range of reports.
  • 100% accuracy in marking.
  • More engaging for students – the online testing platform allows colourful stimulus material and a range of interactive question types.
  • Ability to adapt the test platform, such as dyslexia fonts and other assistive technologies.
  • Allows students to sit tests on computers, laptops and tablets as small as the iPad mini, anywhere, anytime.
  • Easier for young students, - no need to transfer information from a book to a differently formatted answer sheet.
  • Huge time saving in administration.
  • It's cheaper – no need to purchase paper tests or answer sheets

Teacher manual

Read the online teacher manual to find out all about the tests and how to use them.
For more information or question about the tests, contact

For more information and advice

Our science team has collated a list of queries from schools; download: Frequently Asked Questions.

For advice about the use of this test or others, including possible workshops, next steps and conversations around making sense of your school assessment, head to our Support and Advice page or contact our Education Adviser (details at the top right of this page).

We can also provide advice directly related to the NZCER Assist service (subscriptions, setup, technical, data and reports).