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Me and My School

Please note: The Me and My School survey is now available (online only) on NZCER Assist. This survey will be available online only for 2023, with paper supported from term 1, 2024. Please see below for new reporting features and updated pricing information.

If you would like to subscribe for this survey, please contact us at


How connected and committed are your students to their learning? How do you know?

About Me and My School

Me and My School is a unique, research-based student engagement survey designed for New Zealand students Years 4 to 10. It offers a snapshot of the learning culture in your school, standardised data to track progress over time and a nationally referenced gender, ethnicity, and year level comparison. 

It comes in two versions: one for students in Years 7 to 10, and a junior version for Years 4 to 6. The survey is easy to administer, completely anonymous, and asks students to report their level of agreement to a series of statements regarding affective, behavioural and cognitive aspects of engagement. It provides:

  • anonymous data through whole school, class, year level, gender, and ethnic filters
  • rich reporting information that tells your school’s story
  • a statistical framework for tracking aspects of engagement over time
  • a separate report showing student engagement with reading


What's new on Assist?


  • The Me and My School online survey is now available on NZCER Assist - no need to log into a different site.
  • Much easier to create and administer Junior and Senior survey token codes for online surveys.
  • Surveys completed online are accessed through one platform:
  • For paper schools -  from term 1, 2024 you will be able to download the survey form and print copies as needed - no need to provide us with numbers and wait for answer-sheet packs.


  • Reporting becomes available as soon as 10 or more students have completed their survey. No need to contact NZCER to generate school reporting.
  • Updated item report with new filter options - now available.
  • Engagement and Reading scale reports are interactive and are based on real time data.
  • Updated reference data coming soon.


Download the Me and My School information brochure page

Download the Me and My School: Case study through a cultural lens

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  • Starting point for Community of Learning (CoL) Achievement Challenges and school cluster-wide sharing of trends and patterns through ethnic, gender and year level standardised data.
  • The student engagement scale offers both position and tracking of student cohort progress over time.
  • Improved knowledge of how your students behave as learners, whether they like learning and feel they are learning.
  • Improved reporting features on NZCER Assist.

Cost structure

Online surveys (from Term 2, 2023)

$250.00 registration fee. $2.00 per student per survey.


Paper-based surveys (from Term 1, 2024)

$250.00 registration fee. $2.00 per student per survey for data entry.

Answer sheets can be downloaded and printed by schools as needed.


*Please note: Invoicing is based on real-time activity. Customers may receive multiple invoices depending on the timing of survey activity.


How to subscribe



The items in the survey were sourced from national and international research literature or were specially constructed by researchers to address the three different aspects of engagement

Development of the survey


For more information and advice

For further information about Me and My School, please call assessment services on (04) 802-1630 or email

NZCER’s Education Advisers, Julie Roberts and Melissa Denzler, can provide support and challenge for how to use the survey results to define or address the problem for improvement.

Contact Julie and Melissa at

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