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Teacher Workplace Survey

Please note: From Term 2 in 2023, the Teacher Workplace Survey will be available through NZCER Assist.

What do the teachers at your school really think about their job and their working conditions?

Would you like more information about the particular aspects of your school’s culture and working conditions that teachers are positive about, and any aspects that could be strengthened?

NZCER’s targeted workplace survey will help you find out.

Download the Teacher Workplace Survey information brochure

About Teacher Workplace Survey

The Teacher Workplace survey is designed for all teaching staff (0.5 and above) within your school. The survey asks teachers to rate items in five areas:

  • Physical working environment and resources
  • Satisfaction with school
  • School leadership
  • Professional development
  • School organisation

Items in the survey are internationally research-based, and the results are completely anonymous for teachers and confidential to the school. Schools are also given the option to add up to ten additional questions of their choice.


  • Provides a snapshot picture of what teachers think about their work and their working environment.
  • Gives teachers a forum for expressing their views with absolute confidentiality.
  • Provides an opportunity to look broadly at gathering data within an important component for improving teaching and learning.

Completing the survey online

When subscribed, the school administrator will be sent further instructions and a password. The school administrator can set up anonymous access for teachers to complete the online survey. Once completed, reports are sent out in PDF format. The school will be invoiced for the survey once completed.

Cost Structure

Price for sitting online surveys: Schools will pay a survey subscription depending upon the size of the school:

Band No. of students


Band A 1000+ $500.00
Band B 250-1000 $350.00
Band C Less than 250 $250.00

How to subscribe

Visit NZCER Online Survey.

Support and Advice

NZCER has a team of people able to provide a range of ongoing assessment support and advice to schools.

NZCER’s Education Advisors can provide support and challenge for how to use the survey results to define or address the problem for improvement. Head to our Support and Advice page for more information.

For questions or advice on registering email or call (04) 802 1630.

Relating to research

NZCER, New Zealand and international research consistently point to the importance of working conditions that enable teachers to enjoy their work and to work positively and productively with learners. Most evidence based on framework provided in Teacher Working Conditions that Matter: Evidence for Change (Leithwood, 2006), but other references are also included.

For further information about Teacher Workplace Survey please refer to the TWS Information Pack, call us on (04) 802-1394 or email