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Integrating critical multiliteracies using the Four Resources Model: A New Zealand Guide

ISBN 978-0-947509-18-7

This resource is for teachers who want to build their future-focussed literacy practice. Featuring video, reflective questions, discussion starters and support material, it is designed to help teachers shift their literacy programmes to encompass a broader view of literary that includes visual, audio and multimedia texts. It will help teachers support their students to strengthen skills of code breaking, making meaning and using, constructing and critically analysing a wide range of texts in many different contexts.

The accompanying video  features three lessons with Year 8 classes and three with Year 1-2 classes. It includes reflective interviews with the teachers, and an introduction to future-focussed literacy theories.

Based on findings from New Zealand literacy research, this resource brings together practical exemplars with current literacy theories. Ideally teachers would work through the material as part of a professional learning group.

Dr Jane Tilson has worked for just under 20 years as a primary school teacher in Dunedin, Auckland, London and Cambridge (UK). She entered the tertiary sector in 2000, and since that time has largely taught and researched in the fields of literacy, professional studies, and reflective practice. Her research interest in critical multiliteracies grew out of previous projects in critical literacy, and her doctorate from the University of Otago, which supported preservice teachers to critically reflect on their practice.

Dr Susan Sandretto is originally from Northern California where she was a primary school teacher and has lived in Dunedin for nearly 20 years. She began work at the University of Otago as a research assistant and then completed her doctorate on teacher education and social justice. Her interest in critical literacy and critical multiliteracies grew out of a social justice focus.

Video resources - Integrating critical multiliteracies

Preface Watch Now
Chapter 1: Brief introduction to the Four Resources Model Watch Now
Chapter 2: Text analysis (Year 8) Watch Now
Chapter 3: Code breaking and meaning making (Year 8) Watch Now
Chapter 4: Text user (Year 8) Watch Now
Chapter 5: Text Analyst (Year 1/2) Watch Now
Chapter 6: Code Breaker (Year 1/2) Watch Now
Chapter 7: Text User (Year 1/2) Watch Now
Chapter 8: Returning to the Four Resources Model  Watch Now