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Catching the Knowledge Wave? The Knowledge Society and the Future of Education

ISBN 978-1-877398-04-9

If this book were a film, it would be rated M—with a caution that "some viewers may be disturbed by some scenes." In Catching the Knowledge Wave? Jane Gilbert takes apart many long-held ideas about knowledge and education. She says that knowledge is now a verb, not a noun—something we do rather than something we have—and explores the ways our schools need to change to prepare people to participate in the knowledge-based societies of the future.

The knowledge society is an idea that is widely discussed, but not well understood.  Knowledge is developing a new meaning, one that is quite different to the one our schools were built on. Because of this, knowledge society developments are a major challenge for our schools. We cannot address this challenge by adding more ideas to our existing structures. We need a completely new framework—one that takes account of knowledge's new meaning, but also gives everyone an equal opportunity to succeed. If this seems like a tall order, it probably is—however this book attempts to map out such a framework. 

This is a book to argue with, to agree or disagree with, but above all to read—the future of our public education system is at stake.

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Review of: Gilbert, J. (2005) Catching the Knowledge Wave: the Knowledge Society and the Future of Education
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22 February 2009.