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The Chameleonic Learner: Learning and self-assessment in context

Author Dr Roseanna Bourke takes the reader on a fascinating exploration of learning: the theory, practice and young people’s take on it. What do you say to a young person who tells you her brain is an eighth full? Or to the one who says he only knows he has learned something when he receives a stamp or a sticker? This book is about how learners conceptualise learning, how they self-assess their own learning and why context matters. It shows how, just as a chameleon changes colour, learners change and adapt their approach to learning depending on the situation. It draws on examples of learning by Years 7–8 students from the classroom and out of school, looking at how their views and values are shaped and how they satisfy their own learning needs.

Dr Bourke is a senior lecturer in the School of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy at Victoria University and has previously worked as a teacher and education psychologist. She currently teaches postgraduate courses in learning and motivation, and in assessment and evaluation.

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