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The Hikairo Schema: Culturally responsive teaching and learning in early childhood education settings

This adaptable guide invites kaiako to rethink approaches to engaging tamariki, re-envisage the teacher/learner dynamic, revise old habits, and reconfigure learning environments to acknowledge and embrace cultural differences. Kaiako can use the Hikairo Schema several times over, drawing on their previous experiences to inform and to develop new and innovative ways of facilitating culturally sensitive and inclusive learning settings.  This self-paced guide allows kaiako, whānau, and tamariki to collaboratively co-construct goals and outcomes that are relevant to their learning contexts. Kaiako can adapt the Hikairo Schema to fit not only their own needs, but their own pace and level of comfort. See

Digital editions

The book is now available in ebook and kindle editions from mebooks and Amazon



Angus Macfarlane: Professor of Māori Research, University of Canterbury (UC)

Sonja Macfarlane: Associate Professor, School of Health Sciences, UC

Sharleen Teirney: Deputy Principal, Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Whānau Tahi

JR Kuntz: Senior Research Advisor, Te Rū Rangahau Māori Research Lab, UC

Benita Rarere Briggs: Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies, UC

Marika Currie: Head Teacher, Northland Kindergarten Association

Marie Gibson: Intern, Te Rū Rangahau Māori Research Lab, UC

Roimata Macfarlane: Pouwhakarewa, Northland Kindergarten Association