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How do I order, change or renew a subscription?

To subscribe to NZCER Journals here 

For all other subscription queries, please email or call (04) 8021452

I would like to report a technical issue

If you no longer have access to our journals, or have any other issues with the journal service, email or call (04) 8021445. First check that the IP range you provided has not changed as this is a common reason for loss of access.

I don't remember my username/password

Your (admin) username is your email address. Please try using the "Forgot password" option first. If you do not receive a new password, check your spam folder for our email. Should you continue to have problems, please contact or call (04) 8021445.

How do I access usage reports?

Click the "My account" button on the top right of your screen, and click on the "My subscriptions" tab. Go to the bottopm of the page and you will find an activity report for your account.