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Key Competencies for the Future

ISBN: 978-1-927231-08-1

About Key Competencies for the Future

How should we educate today’s students so that they will be proactive, confident future-builders in the uncertain times ahead? This book explores that question. The authors used a selection of wicked problems as the basis for the futures-thinking process they used to explore what the key competencies might mean for implementing the New Zealand Curriculum in innovative, future- focused ways. Every chapter includes examples from schools and teachers who are already working to build the sorts of capabilities the authors describe.

Digital editions

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About the authors

The authors are a small team of researchers at the New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER), who used a creative inquiry process to bring together this ground-breaking work.

Feedback from the education community

"For busy educators, the easy conversational style of the text is a great hook to what are sometimes quite complex ideas. Yes it's readable, but it's more than that. It really feels as if you're part of the conversation – I confess to engaging in a few internal discussions as I sifted and sorted the ideas myself." — Frances Nelson, Principal, Fairburn School, Auckland

Key Competencies for the Future was featured in 2014's Connected Educator Month's book group. Webinars and a discussion thread on the ideas behind the book can be found on the Virtual Learning Network's website.

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