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Mentoring in Early Childhood Education: A compilation of thinking, pedagogy and practice

ISBN: 978-1-927231-65-4

Mentoring is a fundamental and increasingly important part of professional learning and development for teachers in Aotearoa New Zealand. This book is a much-needed resource for mentors, leaders and teachers in early childhood education.

It is the first of its kind: a wide ranging compilation that explores the thinking, pedagogy and practice of mentoring in early childhood education. The editors have drawn on writers from Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia who have carried out recent research into mentoring, as well as experienced mentoring practitioners. Topics cover Māori perspectives, different mentoring frameworks and approaches, and mentoring for a range of educators including student teachers. The final part discusses complexities and future directions for mentoring, and seeks to engage with decision makers outside the education sector.

This book fills a significant gap in the literature internationally.  It comes at what has been described as a time of seismic shift in approaches to teacher learning and development, when professional mentoring is needed more than ever. Throughout the book, writers make a powerful case for improved education programmes to build the professional skills, knowledge and confidence of mentors.