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Peer tutoring: A training and facilitation guide

ISBN: 978-0-947509-48-4

Students can make huge gains in academic grades and confidence with the help of peer tutoring. This book provides practical, research-based strategies for anyone wanting to run a peer tutoring programme or to improve their own tutoring practice.

The book focuses on two key components of tutoring: the tutoring relationship and tutoring tools. The author has developed a tutoring toolbox, based on the latest research, that can be easily applied in a tutoring session. Case studies explore peer tutoring programmes run by schools, an iwi organisation and a community group.

Jesse Pirini has trained hundreds of tutors to deliver thousands of hours of tutoring. He has also conducted a 3-year research project on the interactive aspects of tutoring. In 2014 he was awarded the prestigious Beeby Fellowship, jointly funded by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research and the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO, to turn his research into a resource. The result is a practical guide built on experience and strongly linked to the research literature.

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