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Teaching the linguistically diverse learner in Aotearoa New Zealand

As New Zealand society has become more diverse, there are increasing numbers of children at early childhood centres and at school for whom English is the language of instruction but for whom it is not a first language.

This book is written as a resource for teachers and students who are learning how to respond to the language needs of learners from diverse language and cultural backgrounds as they teach their specific curriculum areas. It focuses on the importance of supporting students not only to achieve academically in the language of instruction, but also to maintain their linguistic and cultural heritages and identities.

This resource is relevant to all teachers and students undertaking pre-service or in-service study. It will equip them to cater for the needs of linguistically diverse learners in early childhood, primary, and secondary school contexts. It is context-appropriate, in that it draws from mātauranga Māori in addressing ways in which education might be just and equitable for all learners.

Associate Professor Rosemary Erlam leads the PGCert/Dip in Teaching Linguistically Diverse Learners at the University of Auckland. With a strong interest in language teacher education, she has had the opportunity to work in this area across a range of contexts.


Martha Aseta

Dr Karen Ashton

Dr Christine Biebricher

Associate Professor Louisa Buckingham

Margaret Connelly

Sue Edwards

Associate Professor Rosemary Erlam

Dr Margaret Gleeson

Kyla Hansell

Rebecca Henaghan

Julia Dayoung Hong

Dr Meg Jacobs

Dr Peter Keegan

Dr Juliet Kennedy

Dr Jean Kim

Michelle McKinlay

Dr Tracey Millin

Dr Naashia Mohamed

Dr Rae Si‘ilata

Dr Tauwehe Tamati