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Using process drama to expand the literacy programme: An exemplar

By Trish Wells and Susan Sandretto

Are you looking for an innovative pedagogy that will draw out your students’ imagination, engage them, and motivate literacy learning? We can help.

In this professional learning resource we provide an exemplar of process drama that engages students and motivates literacy learning. Process drama, or “drama in education” allows teachers and students to create fictional worlds where they collaboratively problem-solve and explore an aspect of the human condition through a process of multiple, improvised episodes.

This professional learning resource contains the tools to develop and extend your literacy programme through process drama pedagogy, featuring a video exemplar and workbook. The video features  three lessons in a Year 4–5 classroom taught by a professional drama consultant Evelyn Mann, interview extracts from Evelyn and the classroom teacher, an introductory section on future-focussed literacy theories and process drama; and a concluding section with advice on planning, the use of reflective questioning during process drama, and some concluding thoughts.


Video Resource to accompany workbook

Introduction - Brief introduction to process drama and the Four Resources Model  watch here

Lesson 1 - Introducing the drama  watch here

Lesson 2 - Continuing the drama  watch here 

Lesson 3 - Concluding the drama  watch here

Summary and concluding thoughts  watch here