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Dementia Rating Scale - Second Edition (DRS-2)

The DRS-2 measures cognitive function at the lower ability levels and can be used to track changes in cognitive status over time. This second edition incorporates the original 36 DRS tasks and 32 stimuli — an overall level of cognitive functioning is yielded as well as additional information on five additional subscales: attention; initiation/perseveration; construction; conceptualisation; and memory. The items are presented in a fixed order, with the most difficult tasks presented first — generally if the first tasks are performed well, subsequent tasks in the subscale are credited with a correct performance and you move on to the next subscale. This significantly shortens the testing time for those with relatively intact cognitive functioning.

The DRS-2 Introductory Kit includes the Professional Manual, 50 Scoring Booklets, 50 Profile Forms, and 1 Set of Stimulus Cards.

Test Abbreviation: 
Registration Level: 
55 - 89
Country of origin: 
Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.
15 - 30 minutes (untimed)
Work Area: 

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8097SB DRS-2: Scoring Booklets (pk50) $400.00
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8097KT DRS-2: Introductory Kit $650.00
8097SC DRS-2 Stimulus Cards (1 Set) $165.00