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Dyscalculia Guidance

A practical manual that provides guidance on how best to support pupils with dyscalculia.

Dyscalculia Guidance is an invaluable resource; ideal for use after the Dyscalculia Screener in providing teachers and SENCOs with practical advice on supporting dyscalculic pupils, from pre-school through to university level.

The handbook features sensible advice and effective activities based on real classroom experiences and includes useful photocopiable materials for use in the classroom and small group settings. In turn, the resource will help you plan effective and targeted intervention programmes to support pupils with dyscalculia.

Practical activities and games are included, grouped with specific areas of mathematics, which build foundation knowledge vital to the progress of dyscalculic pupils.

Why use Dyscalculia Guidance?

  • The comprehensive guide offers practical advice as well as specific teaching strategies that have proven effective, to help dyscalculic pupils achieve their potential
  • It will enable teachers to better understand the nature of the condition and how best to support pupils from early years to those in higher education, with recommendations for further reading
  • It provides a definition and description of developmental dyscalculia to aid your understanding of the condition
  • Numerous activities, with many photocopiable resources, will help teachers structure day-to-day teaching plans
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