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Neale Analysis of Reading Ability - Third Edition

Covering oral reading and comprehension, discrimination of initial and final sounds, names and sounds of the alphabet, graded spelling, auditory discrimination and blending, word lists and silent reading and writing, the NEALE is a best selling reading assessment tool.

Key Features:

  • Diagnoses specific reading needs
  • Provides standardised scores, reading ages and national profile levels
  • Facilitates appropriate teaching strategies
  • Provides for recording of qualitative information

Assessment Content:

  • Oral reading and comprehension
  • Discrimination of initial and final sounds
  • Names and sounds of the alphabet
  • Graded spelling
  • Auditory discrimination and blending
  • Word lists
  • Silent reading and writing
Test Abbreviation: 
Registration Level: 
6-12, and special needs groups
Country of origin: 
ACER Press
20 min (untimed)
Work Area: 

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Product code Product title Price
8264R-S Neale Specimen Set (includes 1 of each form + Reader + e-Manual PDF) $240.00
8264R-DTB Neale Record Sheet Diagnostic Tutor - Form B $8.00
8264R-DTA Neale Record Sheet Diagnostic Tutor - Form A $8.00
8264R-RF2 Neale Record sheet - Form 2 $8.00
8264R-RF1 Neale Record sheet - Form 1 $8.00
8264R-R Neale Reader $125.00
8264M-R Neale e-Manual (PDF Download) $125.00