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Personality Assessment Inventory - Software Portfolio (PAI-SP)

The PAI-SP is a powerful diagnostic and interpretive system. The design of this system offers a variety of modules to meet your specific assessment needs. The PAI-SP provides a common framework of basic functionality and features to all enabled PAI modules. This functionality includes navigation tools, file handling, report editing, and remote (telephone and Internet) updating for the on-screen administration counters (On-screen administrations are purchased separately. Please contact us directly for more details).

Special Features

  • Powerful diagnostic and interpretive logic incorporates interpretation of the 22 PAI scales modified by all relevant subscale-to-scale and subscale-to-subscale interpretive considerations.
  • Highly sophisticated interpretive algorithms incorporate the most up-to-date research on the PAI and psychopathology, including both positive and negative aspects of the individual's self-concept.
  • In addition to scoring the PAI forms (i.e., PAI Answer Sheet, PAI Critical Items Form–Revised), the software generates exceptionally comprehensive, useful, and accurate 10- to 15-page PAI Clinical Interpretive Reports or 2- to 4-page PAS Score Reports.
  • Enhanced functionality enables you to separate multiple profile overlays with scale labels simultaneously.
  • System allows you to administer the PAS (screener) on-screen and then automatically transition to the full PAI if your client's responses meet the cutoff threshold you have selected.
  • With the unique PAI® Interpretive Explorer (PAI®-IE) Module, just click on the hyperlinks to access pertinent definitions, supplemental indexes, relevant statistics, and comparisons of client data with appropriate normative and clinical samples.
  • The PAI-SP generates unlimited Clinical Interpretive Reports and PAS Score Reports. You pay a per-use fee only if you choose to administer the PAI or PAS on-screen. A Counter Serial Number is used to activate the on-screen administrations (Please contact us directly to purchase these).
  • The convenient Item/Response Booklet contains both the item booklet and the answer sheet—all in one.

The PAI-SP Is an Excellent Organizational Tool

The PAI-SP file handling system allows you to create a common client file under which all PAI and PAS protocols and report files for that client are managed. The client file contains all demographic information for that client. Once a client file has been established, this information will be shared by all protocols and reports that are generated.

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