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Personality Assessment Screener (PAS)

The PAS quickly screens for major domains covered in the Personality Assessment Inventory™ (PAI®) and is designed for use as a triage instrument in health care and mental health settings. This 22-item test can help you determine the need for follow-up with a full evaluation of psychopathology, focus initial client interviews on specific problem areas, and target certain clinical areas for follow-up testing.

  • The 22 PAS items are those from the PAI that are the most sensitive to a broad range of contemporary clinical problems.
  • Items are organized into 10 different element scores that represent 10 distinct clinical problem domains. Element raw scores are summed to determine the PAS Total score, which assesses both the potential for emotional and/or behavioral problems of clinical significance and the need for follow-up evaluation.
  • Probability (p) values, which reflect the likelihood that the respondent would obtain a problematic profile if he or she completed the full PAI, are provided for all scores.
  • Normative data are presented for a national community sample of 1,000 adults as well as for 1,246 clinical participants and 1,051 college students.
Test Abbreviation: 
Registration Level: 
18 to 89 years
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Self-Report; Individual or Group
10 mins admin; 10 mins score
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