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Rey Complex Figure Test and Recognition Trial (RCFT)

Measures visuospatial ability and visuospatial memory

The RCFT includes three freehand drawing trials (copy, immediate recall, delayed recall) in order to measure visuo-spatial ability and visuo-spatial memory. A 36-point scoring system is based on accuracy and placement criteria.

RCFT Materials

The RCFT materials include the 120-page Professional Manual, Manual Supplement with data for children and adolescents, the laminated RCFT Stimulus Card, and the 16-page RCFT Test Booklet. A stopwatch is required for administration.

The manual provides information on the development of the RCFT materials, administration and scoring procedures with scoring examples, demographically corrected normative data, guidelines for interpretation with case illustrations, and reliability and validity data.

The 8.5" x 11" Stimulus Card contains a computer-rendered replica of the original Rey complex figure. Prior to this publication, Rey's original figure has not been available commercially.

The Test Booklet provides all forms necessary to administer and score the RCFT. Pages for the three freehand drawing trials (Copy, Immediate Recall, and Delayed Recall) and the Recognition trial are perforated for easy detachment.

The RCFT Complete Kit includes the Professional Manual, Stimulus Card and a packet of 50 Test Booklets.

Scoring and Interpretation

The RCFT provides an objective and standardized approach to scoring drawings based on the widely used 36-point scoring system. The same scoring criteria apply to all three drawing trials. Each of the 18 scoring units is scored based on accuracy and placement criteria. Unit scores range from two (accurately drawn, correctly placed) to zero (inaccurately drawn, incorrectly placed, unrecognizable, omitted).

Normative Data

The normative sample included 601 adults ages 18-89 years and 505 children and adolescents ages 6-17 years. Demographically corrected normative data for the RCFT copy and memory variables are presented to assist in interpretation as well as in making comparisons among individuals and various patient groups.


Intercorrelations between the RCFT and other measures, in samples of both normal and brain-damaged subjects, establish the convergent and discriminant validity of the RCFT as a measure of visuospatial constructional ability (Copy trial) and visuospatial memory (Immediate Recall, Delayed Recall, and Recognition trials). Results of factor analysis suggest the RCFT captures five domains of neuropsychological functioning: visuospatial recall memory, visuospatial recognition memory, response bias, processing speed, and visuospatial constructional ability. It reliably discriminates among brain-damaged, psychiatric, and normal subjects. In addition, the Recognition trial provides incremental diagnostic power compared to using recall trials alone.

Test Abbreviation: 
Registration Level: 
18 +
Country of origin: 
Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.
45 minutes, including a 30-minute delayed recall interval (untimed)
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