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Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children™ Screening Form (TSCC-SF)

The TSCC Screening Form allows you to quickly screen for posttraumatic stress and related psychological symptomatology in children ages 8-17 years who have experienced traumatic events, such as physical or sexual abuse, major loss, or natural disasters, or who have been a witness to violence. 

The Introductory Kit includes the TSCC /TSCYC Screening Form Technical Paper and 25 Screening Form Hand-Scorable Answer Sheets

Features and benefits

  • Carbonless form takes just 5 minutes to administer and score.
  • Quickly indicates whether a child or youth is at risk for clinically significant psychological disturbance.
  • Does not require an advanced degree or training to administer and score. 
  • Can be administered individually or in a group setting. 
  • Supports the Trauma Informed Care approach to treatment. 

Test structure

  • Derived from the TSCC. Selected items were best at predicting overall trauma and sexual-related symptomology.
  • Includes 12 items and two subscales—General Trauma and Sexual Concerns—that are scored separately.
  • Features separate cutoff scores (derived from TSCC normative data) for boys and girls ages 8-12 years and ages 13-17 years. 

Technical information

  • Normative data (N = 3,955) features self-reports of children ages 8-17 years from three nonclinical samples.
  • Internal consistency coefficients are in the good-to-excellent range.
  • Test–retest reliability was r = .80 (p < .001) for each scale.
Registration Level: 
Ages 8-17
Country of origin: 
5 mins
Work Area: 

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