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Woodcock Johnson IV (WJ-IV)

A trusted, ground-breaking leader in individually administered assessments, the new Woodcock Johnson Fourth Edition (WJ IV) - Australasian Adaptation is now available. The WJ IV comprehensive system offers the ease of use and flexibility examiners need to accurately evaluate learning problems and improve instructional outcomes for children and adults in a way that no other assessment can.

The WJ IV consists of three independent and co-normed batteries, which can be used separately or in any combination, emphasising the identification of individual strengths and weaknesses by providing comparisons both within each battery and across batteries:

WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities

WJ IV Tests of Achievement

WJ IV Tests of Oral Language - NEW


  • Patterns of strengths and weaknesses identified through an easy-to-use test and cluster comparison procedure.
  • Australian and New Zealand norms (Standard Batteries)
  • Updated and expanded interpretive model.
  • New domain-specific scholastic aptitude clusters that allow for efficient and valid predictions of academic achievement.
  • WJ IV Australian Adaptation Scoring Software (PC only) allows examiners to easily enter raw scores, assessment data, and test session observations for any test in the WJ IV suite of assessments on their computer to quality and easily generate reports.
  • The NZCER edition of the Woodcock Johnson IV includes exclusive NZ audio recordings. 


WJ IV Cognitive Battery - Australasian Adaptation

The fourth edition of the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities supports a new era of Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) theory, containing the greatest breadth of cognitive abilities of any standardised test battery. New tests and clusters have been designed to place emphasis on the most useful measures for identifying individuals' patterns of strengths and weaknesses through seven different broad CHC abilities. This updated and expanded battery provides the most diagnostically useful measures of CHC abilities for contemporary assessment needs.

New Cognitive Battery Tests

  • Verbal Attention test assesses working memory for classroom performance.
  • Phonological Processing test assesses the impact of word access, word fluency, and word flexibility on learning needs.
  • Visualisation test better measures spatial relationships and mental rotation abilities.
  • Nonword Repetition test provides an important marker of phonological storage.


WJ IV Achievement Battery (Form C) - Australasian Adaptation

Determining achievement strengths and weaknesses is easier than ever! The WJ IV Tests of Achievement (Form C) Australasian Adaptation is ideal for accurately screening, diagnosing, and monitoring progress in reading, writing and mathematics achievement areas.

Examiners receive 11 tests in the standard battery. Using the standard battery provides a broad set of scores, while the extended battery allows for more in-depth diagnostic assessment of specific strengths and weaknesses. The selective testing feature of the WJ IV offers examiners the option to only administer the specific tests relevant to any referral questions.

New Achievement Battery Tests

  • Oral Reading, Reading Speed, and Reading Comprehension tests provide diagnostically useful measures that are necessary for the evaluation of reading performance.
  • Number Matrices test adds a richer, in-depth interpretation of maths problem-solving ability.


WJ IV Oral Language Battery - Australasian Adaptation

The WJ IV Tests of Oral Language provide important contemporary measures of oral language abilities for diagnostic decision-making utilising patterns of strengths and weaknesses (PSW) as well as providing a measure of Cognitive-Academic Language Proficiency (CALP).

The Oral Language tests can be used to determine and describe an individual's strengths and weaknesses with regard to expressive language. The 9-test battery is presented in a single easel. Depending on the purpose and extent of the assessment, an examiner can use any of these tests independently or in conjunction with the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities and/or WJ IV Tests of Achievement. Several of the battery's tests were derived from the material in the WJ III Tests of Achievement and WJ III Tests of Cognitive Abilities.

Use the WJ IV Oral Language battery to:

  • Measure four aspects of oral language in English.
  • Provide language-related insights into observed learning problems.


For MAC users - The WJ IV Compuscore Software Program is not supported for use on Apple McIntosh (MAC) computers. However here is an information video on how you can operate this software on a MAC using another program called CrossOver (costs apply for this program).

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8433CK WJ-IV Comprehensive Kit (Includes the Cognitive, Achievement, and Oral Language batteries) $4,800.00
8433ACB WJ-IV Complete Kit (includes the Cognitive and Achievement batteries) $4,000.00
8433AOK WJ-IV Achievement + Oral Language Kit $2,300.00
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8433CSRB WJ-IV Cognitive Subject Response Forms (pk 25) $200.00
8433ATRF WJ-IV Achievement Test Record Forms (pk 25) $200.00
8433ASRB WJ-IV Achievement Subject Response Forms (pk 25) $200.00
8433OTRF WJ-IV Oral Language Test Record Forms (pk 25) $200.00
8433M WJ-IV Manual CD – Includes WJ-IV Technical Manual (US edition) & Cognitive, Achievement and Oral Language Examiner’s Manuals (US editions) as .pdf files $65.00