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Curriculum, learning and effective pedagogy in science education for New Zealand: Introduction to special issue

This paper describes the way in which a major literature review on curriculum, learning and effective pedagogy in science education was undertaken in New Zealand, and introduces the other papers in this issue. 

The review was funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Education to investigate how the literature in science education informs our understanding about effective pedagogy on student achievement in science education for a diversity of students in New Zealand. 

A large team undertook the literature review, and the literature from 1991 to 2002 was investigated. 

The process is discussed as well as ways in which the international literature and more localized/contextual studies can be synthesized to provide key strategies for national policy and practice.

The full journal article published in:
International Journal of Science Education, 27 (2), 2005. p. 131-143

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Alister Jones
Robyn Baker