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Developing a 'productive' account of young people's transition perspectives

Karen Vaughan and Josie Roberts

This article draws on the first two years of a longitudinal study of young people’s pathway and career-related experiences and perspectives. It argues for a richer conceptualisation of young people’s transition to study, training and employment than allowed by simple school-to-labour market models.

We present four clusters of young people’s interview narratives

  • the Hopeful Reactors
  • the Passion Honers
  • the Anxious Seekers and
  • the Confident Explorers

and examine the way that each differently splices together elements of security and exploration in their trajectories.

We suggest a focus on the dual ‘production’ of identity and career to augment analyses of transition and career development for young people.

The full journal article published in:
Journal of Education and Work (formerly British Journal of Education and Work), 20 (2), 91-106,   2007

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Josie Roberts
Karen Vaughan