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Education Employment Linkages: International Literature Review

Jane Higgins, Karen Vaughan, Hazel Phillips and Paul Dalziel

This report is the second in the Education Employment Linkages Research Report series. Its purpose is to document what is already known in the international literature, drawing on the research team’s respective backgrounds in education, sociology, indigenous studies and economics to begin a trans-disciplinary account of key issues for young people making education and employment choices in their transition years from school to work. The report focuses on five themes in the literature: choice in education-employment linkages; crafting identities; discovery and development of abilities; opportunities and structure; and systems linking education and employment choices.

Education-Employment Linkages
School Communities in Education-Employment Linkages
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Research report
AERU Research Unit, Lincoln University
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Hazel Phillips
Jane Higgins
Karen Vaughan
Paul Dalziel