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Environmental education: A place in the curriculum?

Rachel Bolstad

This article examines the place of environmental education/education for sustainable development (EE/ESD) in the school curriculum. Despite international calls for EE/ESD to form the pillar of a re-oriented approach to school curriculum, teaching, and learning, in most schools the principles of EE/ESD are poorly understood, and it occupies a marginal place in curriculum and teaching practice.

This article considers the “place” of EE/ESD in the New Zealand curriculum, and the potential to align EE/ESD with a “place-based” education (PBE) approach in New Zealand schools. Current directions from the New Zealand Curriculum Project may create new possibilities for this to occur.

The full journal article published in:
New Zealand Annual Review of Education, 14, 2004. p. 215-235

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Journal article
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