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Exploratory study of Home-School Partnership: Numeracy

Jonathan Fisher and Alex Neill

This chapter summarises the findings from an exploratory study about the Home–School Partnership for Numeracy (HSPN) pilot.

This study involved interviews with lead parents and lead teachers, focus groups with parents, and observations of the community sessions in three case-study schools.

This data was supplemented by surveys to all the Numeracy Development Project facilitators associated with the HSPN. Findings indicated that there was strong support for the HSPN from parents, teachers, and the facilitators.

Some ideas about improving the training workshops and community sessions were also suggested.

Developing a home–school partnership is an important goal: however, achieving the balance of inviting, involving, and informing parents is different for each school community.

Important components of a successful ongoing effective programme identified were the careful selection and retention of the lead parent, responsiveness and incorporation of parents’ contributions in the community sessions and the training workshops, whole-school involvement in the programme, and flexibility to enable each school to accommodate the needs of their community.

Short report in: Findings from the New Zealand numeracy development projects 2006. Wellington: Learning Media for the Ministry of Education, 2007. pp139-153.

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Learning Media for the Ministry of Education
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