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Promoting a research agenda in education within and beyond policy and practice

Robyn Baker

Educational research should both inform policy and practice and be forward looking, anticipating the future questions of policymakers, teachers and the community. 

This article uses one research organisation, the New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER), as a case study to illustrate possible strategies for promoting research through utilising and building upon research-policymaking and research-practice linkages.  It highlights some of the issues, opportunities, and risks for research resulting from the demand for evidence-based policy and from the trend for practitioners to be integral to the research team as research partners and as researchers.  It also raises some challenges for research organisations if they are to work effectively both within and beyond the policy and practice parameters of the day.

The full journal article published in:
Educational Research for Policy and Practice, 2 (3), 2003. p. 171-182

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Journal article
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Robyn Baker