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What do students say about Sorted in Schools and financial capability?

Sophie Watson, Mengnan Li

 As part of the NZCER portfolio of research and evaluation on financial capability in Aotearoa, Te Ara Ahunga Ora wanted to hear the voices of students/ākonga to understand what they think about Sorted in Schools and learning about financial capability.

In this study, junior secondary (Years 9 and 10) ākonga from four English-medium schools were asked about their views about money and financial capability, and their experiences of the Sorted in Schools programme and resources.

They spoke about their financial habits and goals, how they currently learn about financial capability, and what and how they would like to learn about it in the future. The ideas and feedback in this report can be used to guide future development of programmes, resources, and support students’ ongoing learning about financial capability.

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Research report
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