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PAT: Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary

What's changing for schools using PAT: Reading Comprehension in Term 4, 2023

  • Our refreshed PAT Pānui | PAT Reading Comprehension will be available for the beginning of Term 1, 2024 online-only.
  • It will be available through NZCER Assist from late in Term 4 2023.
  • This will be a separate test from PAT: Reading Vocabulary. 
  • Schools can continue using the current Reading Comprehension paper tests throughout 2024, and expect a shift to refreshed paper tests in late 2024. 
  • The refreshed tests have new designs and content to ensure all ākonga are reflected in the assessments. 

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About PAT: Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary

PAT: Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary (designed for Years 4-10) supports student-centred learning in literacy. Results provide accurate, relevant data and rich Aotearoa New Zealand curriculum analysis for your school’s focussed inquiry.

It helps teachers to understand how, and if, students are making meaning from the texts they read. Students are presented with a range of genres, and once analysed, teachers gain insight into the sense-making clues students are, or are not using. PAT: Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary assesses the students’ ability to understand the words they read. For full information you can download the PAT: Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary information brochure.

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  • Reading comprehension and reading vocabulary are combined in one booklet but they can be used as separate tests.
  • Test scores allow for formative as well as summative reporting.
  • Scale scores enable a student's level of achievement to be tracked from year to year.
  • Diagnostic reports are provided in the teacher manual.
  • The tests can be used at any time between February and November each year.
  • Tests can be used at two or more year levels.
  • The tests come as reusable booklets with separate answer sheets.


  • Multiple tests reflect expected progress through the curriculum. Teachers choose appropriate tests for students well above or well below - these students do not need to sit the year level test.
  • Student-centred and relevant, giving an immediate picture of how students are achieving and progressing against the curriculum. Provides trustworthy evidence of achievement, useful for transition data of students’ learning pathways.
  • Curriculum progressions built into multi-choice questions supporting teachers’ moderation and analysis of curriculum levels and needs.
  •  All Students’ results end up on one scale no matter which test they sit. This allows for accurate school-wide and/or CoL-wide reporting for strategic goal setting and planning.
  • CoL/multi-school analysis reporting for trends, patterns and shift using ethnic, gender and year level filters for targeted improvement in teaching and learning.

Ordering paper tests

Tests can only be purchased by schools, registered teachers, or parents/caregivers of homeschooled children with a current exemption certificate. 

If you can't shop for tests online you can download the order form attached below and email to

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NOTE:   The use of photocopied test material (including answer sheets) is a breach of copyright.