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Monitoring progress in developmental spelling: Splrs at wrk (2nd ed.)

Available 16 May

Monitoring Progress in Developmental Spelling: Splrs at Wrk takes the broad concept of developmental spelling and translates current and previous research into a form directly accessible to classroom practitioners.

This second edition, published with the new title of Monitoring Progress in Developmental Spelling: Splrs at Wrk, incorporates new research and writing from Gene Ouellette, Monique Sénéchal, Kirsty Young, and Richard Gentry. The five-stage developmental framework from the first edition has been elaborated and new samples of children’s writing added. There are also new sections on topical issues such as phonics, spell-checker technology, and class spelling lists. Jacqueline Croft has provided help and sound advice from the perspective of an expert teacher of junior literacy.

The book summarises recent research and writing on “invented” spelling to help teachers undertake valid assessments of a child’s written spelling. If the assessments are maintained from about age 5 to age 10, they will provide an ongoing indication of whether individual  children are keeping abreast of well-established milestones of spelling development.

CedriC Croft is an educational consultant in assessment, literacy, and research. Formerly he was Research Director, Learning, Curriculum, and Assessment at the New Zealand Council for Educational Research. His other research and writing in the field of spelling includes the best selling Spell-Write; Teachers Manual for SpellWrite; My Words, and the Supplementary Spelling Assessments (SSpA). Cedric has written widely for teachers about NZCER’s Assessment Resource Banks, and recently has been a Technical Advisor to the Vanuatu Ministry of Education on assessment and examinations