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History Matters 2: A handbook for teaching and learning how to think historically

Martyn Davison, Paul Enright and Mark Sheehan

ISBN 978-1-927231-07-4

This book is aimed at teachers working with young people to think critically about the past. Its blend of fresh thinking, classroom activities and the latest research make it essential reading for the secondary social sciences community.

Written by two highly regarded history/social studies teachers and a researcher in history education, it will help guide social sciences teachers as they approach the historical component in their courses. It shares insights from a recent New Zealand study of how young people learn to think historically and provides guidelines based on that research. A distinctive feature of the book is its range of strategies and activities which teachers can adopt and adapt to enhance the disciplinary thinking of students in both their history and social studies classes.

History Matters 2 complements the multi-authored History Matters: Teaching and Learning History in New Zealand Schools in the 21st century which explored theoretical ideas that inform teaching and learning history in New Zealand.

It will be welcomed by teachers, researchers and school leaders who are committed to seeing students develop the knowledge and dispositions required to understand information about the past and the present.