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Te Kotahitanga: Towards effective education reform for indigenous and other minoritised students

ISBN: 978-1-927151-91-4

By Russell Bishop, Mere Berryman and Janice Wearmouth

This is the inside story of indigenous education success. Te Kotahitanga is a theory based programme that has made a positive difference to the educational experience and achievement of Māori students in mainstream schools in Aotearoa New Zealand. Drawing on case studies from three schools, this book explores the classroom pedagogy with its focus on responding to students’ culture and positive teacher-student relationships. It also highlights the vital role of school leadership. It is essential reading for anyone interested in reforming mainstream schools so that quality education and equity is available for all students, especially those who have been historically marginalised.

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan has recently announced a new First Nations education plan based on Te Kotahitanga.