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Teaching Reading Vocabulary

Would you like your students to be excited when they read a new word and keen to work out its meaning straight away? This book will turn them into word detectives, ready to tackle any new word they come across. And when writing, would you like them to make sentences that have interesting and descriptive words like shamble, ravenous or meandering?

Teaching Reading Vocabulary presents five research-based vocabulary strategies that every student can use: making use of context clues when reading; breaking words into meaningful parts and understanding the structure of the English language; creating vocabulary concept maps; exploring the multiple meaning of words and figurative language; and searching the dictionary and thesaurus to build knowledge of meanings, synonyms, antonyms and word origins.

This book will be useful for meeting the National Reading and Writing Standards and links to the Literacy Learning Progressions.

There are free-to-copy worksheets that will help students practise their vocabulary skills and also build their knowledge of the structure of the English language.

Tom Nicholson is a professor of education at Massey University, Auckland, who specialises in teacher education, literacy and child development. He directs a reading clinic for struggling readers. He is a member of the International Reading Association Hall of Fame.

Sue Dymock is a senior lecturer in education at the University of Waikato and is Director of the Hamilton Children’s Reading Centre.