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Weaving Te Whāriki - Aotearoa New Zealand's Early Childhood Curriculum Document in Theory and Practice (2nd ed.)

Note the 3rd edition published November 2019

This 2nd edition is now out of stock, but is still available from our partners  Fishpond  or The Book Depository or Amazon

Edited by Joce Nuttall

The only volume to bring together New Zealand and international commentary on the history, implementation, and influence of Aotearoa New Zealand’s groundbreaking early childhood curriculum framework. This new edition contains substantial updates of the chapters in the first edition, plus four new chapters: on Pasifika perspectives, working with infants and toddlers, transition to school, and perspectives on play. Authors from New Zealand, Australia, Denmark and the United Kingdom offer their analysis of Te Whariki in ways that will be accessible to student teachers, early childhood educators, academics, and policy makers alike.

The chapters cover:

Historical and cultural perspectives

  • The history and development of the framework
  • The commitment to biculturalism underpinning Te Whariki
  • Pasifika perspectives on early childhood education
  • Comparison with the parallel development of schools’ curriculum in New Zealand

Teaching and learning with Te Whariki

  • Working with infants and toddlers
  • Inclusive education
  • Te Whariki as a guide for bicultural practice
  • Assessment practices  
  • Teachers’ co-construction of curriculum in childcare
  • Transition to school

International and critical perspectives

  • The influence of Te Whariki on Australia’s early childhood framework
  • Te Whariki from a Danish perspective
  • The place of play in early childhood curriculum documents in New Zealand and England
  • Future directions