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Work Values Inventory (WVI)

The WVI is a self-administered, self-scored, and self-interpreted measure of six workplace values. It is a career exploration and job selection tool that helps career counselors and human resource professionals.

Features and benefits

  • Helps career counselors assist clients in learning more about themselves to find a job that is a good fit for their work values.
  • Assists human resource personnel in screening potential job candidates to find the right fit for a particular position and a good fit within the organizational culture.
  • Based on and tied to the US Department of Labor's Occupational Information Network (O*NET).
  • Captures the O*NET's six identified work values: Achievement, Independence, Support, Relationships, Working Conditions, and Recognition.
  • The WVI Occupations Index lists more than 1,300 jobs according to work value and required education level.

Test structure

  • Features 61 questions grouped by the work value they measure.
  • Self-paced and self-scored.
  • The WVI Assessment Booklet includes sections that describe each work value and facet in detail, provide example occupations from the Occupations Index, and offer ways to obtain more information.
  • Testing takes just 10 minutes.
  • As an A-level product, no special training is required to administer or score.

Technical information

  • Standardization sample (N = 526) included employees across eight common O*NET job families who had been in their current positions for at least a year.
  • Shows a strong positive relationship with the Working Styles Assessment™ (WSA™).
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