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Engineering e2e: An evaluation

Karen Vaughan

Report prepared for the Tertiary Education Commission and the Engineering e2e Steering Group.

Engineering e2e (education-to-employment) is a programme designed to increase the number of engineers in New Zealand. It was established in 2014 by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) in response to Government concerns about the possible economic impact of a forecasted engineer shortfall, especially for technicians and technologists (NEEP Project Governing Group, 2010). The evaluation of Engineering e2e is a high-level review of it as a “systems integrator” that “coordinates, catalyses, and monitors” education-employment activity (Barton, Farrell, & Mourshed, 2013). Through a review of documentation and 16 interviews with steering group members and initiative or project leaders, the evaluation asked two questions: 

  • In what ways has Engineering e2e acted as a model of systems integration?
  • What can be learned that might apply to Engineering e2e in the future and/or to e2e projects in other fields?
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Research report
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Karen Vaughan