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Enterprising and future-focused? The first report from the Regional Education for Enterprise Clusters Evaluation

Josie Roberts, Sue McDowall, and Garrick Cooper

This is the first report in a two-year evaluation of Phase Two of the Regional Education for Enterprise (E4E) Clusters Initiative. The initiative’s overall aim is to embed an enterprising culture within clusters of schools nationwide based on characteristics of their communities. Phase Two extends and adapts a regional cluster model, initially piloted by Northland and the West Coast, to two additional regions - Manukau and Nelson.

This report captures key aspects of the beginning of the cluster journey (from survey and interview data mainly collected in Terms 2 and 3, 2007) to inform thinking and development in E4E. The report answers the following questions:

  • What are the characteristics of each regional cluster, and how has each begun to establish a unique approach to E4E? 
  • How closely does current schooling - and visions for schooling - in the clusters align with ideas about 21st century learning? 
  • How do actual E4E learning opportunities in the clusters fit with 21st century goals? 
  • How has E4E operated at a cluster level to support E4E development so far (in terms of local development objectives and the structures or roles that support it)?
  • Given that national and regional/school stakeholders from the education and business sectors are all working towards E4E development, which are the strongest drivers behind E4E developments in the clusters? 
  • How can partnerships with Mäori communities enable E4E to better meet the aspirations, needs, and values of the Mäori community? 
  • How well does the E4E Strategy: Draft version 4.0 currently align with 21st century learning?

The evaluation will continue throughout 2008 with a final report due in 2009.

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Research report
Ministry of Education and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
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Garrick Cooper
Josie Roberts