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Gender and academic promotion: a case study of Massey University

Stephanie Doyle, Cathy Wylie, and Edith Hodgen, with Anne Else

This NZCER survey of 619 academics at Massey University found that:

  • women are less likely to apply for promotion than men
  • women who do apply are just as likely to succeed as men
  • women are more likely to feel they have not yet reached the academic level to which they aspire
  • women are more dissatisfied with the promotion process
  • women were more likely to have jobs at the the lecturer level or below, and
  • women are more likely to see high teaching loads and a lack of time for research as a barrier to their promotion.
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Research report
NZCER, for Association of University Staff of New Zealand (AUS)
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Anne Else
Edith Hodgen
Stephanie Doyle