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Leadership for learning: What it means for teachers

Susan Lovett and Dorothy Andrews

This chapter highlights the critical connection of teacher leadership with improved pedagogy and quality learning. It draws on Australian and New Zealand case studies to show the ways in which teachers can create opportunities and structures to support professional talk, centred on teacher observations, shared reflections and planning of next steps.Traditional notions of leadership are presented to show how they no longer serve schools well. Instead the authors emphasise the need to foster communities of teacher leaders who can inspire those around them to make a difference in the lives of their students. They argue that new forms of leadership are needed which value professional learning not as the transmission of knowledge from experts but as a discovery and co-construction of knowledge. 

Book chapter in J. MacBeath., & T. Townsend. (Eds.). Springer International Handbook on Leadership for Learning. (Chapter 40).


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Dordrecht: Springer
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Susan Lovett