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Literacy, language and numeracy: connecting research to practice in the tertiary sector

Jenny Whatman, Helen Potter and Sarah Boyd

Around 40% of adults in Aotearoa, New Zealand have literacy and numeracy skills below a level needed to use and understand the increasingly difficult texts and tasks that characterise a knowledge society and information economy: hence increasing Literacy, Language and Numeracy (LLN) is a key strategic priority for the government, and the nation.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Ako Aotearoa commissioned a summary of nine LLN research reports published by the Ministry of Education between July 2009 and July 2010, as part of the Literacy and Numeracy for Adults work programme. There is much to be learned from these projects and this document has been developed with the intention of summarising the key findings to highlight what we currently know from this literature, provide examples of good practice, and identify gaps in knowledge where future research may be commissioned.

Full report : Literacy, language and numeracy research summary

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Research report
Ako Aotearoa and Ministry of Education
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Helen Potter
Sarah Boyd