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A Matter of Perspective: Mapping Education Employment Linkages in Aotearoa New Zealand

Karen Vaughan, Hazel Phillips, Paul Dalziel and Jane Higgins
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This report is the third in the Education Employment Linkages (EEL) Research Report series. It attempts to “map” or document some of the important dimensions of the various systems involved in young people’s transition from school.

We use the term “mapping” metaphorically, as a way of arranging sets of ideas and continuing to lay out a plan of research. Although our subject matter is of course not actually geographical, the metaphors of geography have been useful in thinking about the subject matter as they have allowed each of us to visualise and plot different sets of relationships – for example, between education-employment providers, funding bodies, priorities and practices, and other organisations.

(EEL Research Report No.3)

Education-Employment Linkages
School Communities in Education-Employment Linkages
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Research report
AERU Research Unit, Lincoln University
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Hazel Phillips
Jane Higgins
Karen Vaughan
Paul Dalziel