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Reshaping the secondary school curriculum: Building the plane while flying it?

Rosemary Hipkins

This report draws on data from the NZCER National Survey of Secondary Schools 2009. The final version of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) was released in late 2007 and the survey carried out in 2009 so the findings are a snapshot of the thinking and changes in practices that had occurred to that time. The report focuses mainly on secondary teachers and their views of curriculum change. It explores their professional learning and how they have changed or plan to change their teaching as they delve more into the intent of NZC.

The title of this report reflects both the complexity of the process of giving effect to NZC in secondary schools and the ongoing, evolving nature of curriculum change. Schools cannot stop, take stock, redesign and then start again. They have no option but to “build the plane while flying” if they perceive that significant change is required.

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