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Teaching, School, and Principal Leadership Practices Survey 2019

Cathy Wylie and Edith Hodgen
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2019 was the third year that the Teaching, School, and Principal Leadership Practices Survey (TSP) was available for free use by schools. The questions in this survey draw on a strong body of evidence about effective practices. The TSP asks teachers and principals to rate how often a practice occurs or how well the practice is done.

This 2019 aggregate report provides graphs of the frequencies for the items in each of the domains in the Teaching Practices, School Practices and Principal Leadership sections of the TSP. It also provides frequencies for the items that focus on Māori learners, and the items that focus on Kāhui Ako (Communities of Learning), along with teacher views of their gains from their Kāhui Ako participation. Teacher and principal workload and morale are also shown.

Overall, the aggregate picture of teaching, school and leadership practices over the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 is largely consistent: we do not see marked changes at this level in teacher and principal ratings of practices.

The 2019 aggregate picture does show some differences from the two previous years in two aspects: 

  • Ratings related to Kāhui Ako participation for 2019 TSP participants were somewhat higher than they were for the 2018 and 2017 TSP participants, which may reflect Kāhui Ako developing past their initial formation stage, or may reflect differences in Kāhui Ako experience among the three years’ participants.
  • 2017 TSP principal participants were most positive, and 2019 TSP principal participants the least positive, about being able to schedule enough time for their educational leadership, having a sustainable workload, and being supported by the regional Ministry of Education to do their job effectively.

For more detail about the development and robustness of the TSP, please see the earlier reports and summaries on

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