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Teaching, School and Principal Leadership Practices Survey: Aggregate Picture 2021

Cathy Wylie and David Coblentz
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The Teaching, School, and Principal Leadership Practices Survey (TSP) was developed to give schools robust data about key practices that research has shown are worth paying attention to because of their direct and indirect effects on student learning. Drawing the data together from all participants schools in any given year creates a sound aggregate picture of teaching, school, and leadership practices, showing the strengths and needs in our schools overall. 

This report gives the aggregate picture for 2021, covering the 3,645 teachers at 223 schools, and 227 principals who took part and providing insight into participant views of: 

  • Teaching practice, morale and workload
  • School practice and Kāhui Ako membership 
  • Principal leadership practice, workload and support

With additional demographic analysis and comparison between primary and secondary school responses (as well as changes between the 2017 and 2021 surveys), this aggregate picture provides a robust overview of all key themes present in the survey. 

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Research report
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Cathy Wylie and David Coblentz